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News & Events/FYN Release Party

BDIS has collaborated to promote events in the past that have brought awareness, in the area of health disparities, to the black community through sponsoring the first Brothers of the Academy (BOTA) Think Tank conference in Kansas in 2003.  We are proud to partner with companies and organizations like Genentech, PotentSci LLC, UC San Francisco, HCA & Associates and the minority graduate student organization at UCSF to present the release


of the book titled, Finding Your North: Self-Help Strategies for Science-Related Careers in February of 2005. Finding Your North (FYN) is a book designed to help individuals/students discover their purpose in life, while using science as a platform for the discussion. Learn more about FYN at the following website www.findingyournorth.com.  The links below are video footage from various speakers at the FYN book release party.

Kyra Bobinet, MD

Herbert Boyer, PhD

Tanya Henneman, PhD

Suzy Jones

Frederick L. Moore, PhD

Alissa Myrick, PhD

Marcus Lorenzo Penn, MD

Michael L. Penn Jr., MD, PhD

Brandee L. Waite, MD

Malik White, MD

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