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The mission of Building Diversity in Science (BDIS) is to use science as a platform to empower underrepresented minority students to pursue careers available with a science degree. The year 2010 will mark the fifth cohort of students that will participate in the BDIS Scholars Mentoring Program (BSMP). This program is designed to equip undergraduate college students with tools that can be applied to academia and life.




In addition, our mentoring program will create a bridge for underrepresented minority students at Bay Area colleges and universities (including community colleges) through mentoring and research, to careers in the sciences.

BSMP is a comprehensive program that is aimed at developing and preparing students both mentally and emotionally for careers afforded with a science background. Our philosophy is that with a solid understanding of what you are passionate about and your strengths and weakness, one can select a career path that is truly fulfilling.

Program Content

Personal development workshops

  • Discovering your innate learning style and incorporating others
  • Strategies on how to overcome obstacles and challenges along your academic journey
  • How to maintain balance in your academic journey
  • Discovering your purpose in life

Scientific development workshops

  • Understanding the culture of science
  • How to read and analyze a scientific paper
  • How to develop a scientific proposal from your ideas
  • Journal club: how to present a scientific paper

Career opportunities workshops

  • Academia and medicine: the reality of the game
  • Business: careers available in money management
  • Biotechnology: careers available with a science background in the industry
  • Law: what it takes to be a patent lawyer

Financial literacy workshop

  • Manage college debt and credit
  • Planning for graduate/medical school costs
  • Basics of financial planning
  • Basics of investing

BSMP is a 8-month program that scheduled from January through May, and September through December of 2010. BDIS scholars are required to meet one Saturday a month from 9 – 2pm for the workshops. Application deadline is December 31st, 2009. For more information about the BSMP, please contact us at programs@bdis.us




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